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Re: Forests and trees provide benefits for food security and nutrition– what is your say?

Abubakar Sadiq Ibrahim Birma IFAD / FMARD, Nigeria
Abubakar Sadiq Ibrahim

Forest and Trees provide  tangible and intangible benefits for food and security to man  from the existence of man to date; the relationship that occurred between Adam /Hauwa and trees notwithstanding.

The contribution of trees in construction , watershed management , climate change, erosion control Desertification control, fruits, soil fertility enhancements ,  medicines, environmental amelioration and atmospheric purification are all benefits that lead to increased income, health, employment opportunities , increased food production,  nutrition, food security, and increased standard of living to the human race.

Government should legislate and enforce laws on bush burning, and deforestation and encourage and make deliberate policy on tree planting in form of woodlots, trees on farmland, windbreaks and shelterbelts by both males and females.

This will help promote the services of trees for the better, in terms of food and security.

Thank you.