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Re: HLPE consultation on the V0 draft of the Report: Biofuels and Food Security

Khaled Al-talafih , Jordan
FSN Forum

Dear Vincent Gitz

I would to thank you very much to give me the chance to participate in the discussion about biofuels and Food Security - V0 draft, I want to focus in these points:

1. We must be think about the world as one unit and each country complete the others and very important to realize that the food is very important because the shortage of food lead to big problems and many countries in many part of the world suffer from shortage of food and in sometimes famine (death), it is good to think that we must insure the food to them in good price.

2. We must concentrate about the shortage of water and climatic change and there negative effect on agriculture.

3. The number of population in the world increased rapidly and we must insure the food for them especially if we are take in our consideration the difficult factors mentioned before.

4. I want to assure about that our priority is feeding the people and investment each land and water for agriculture production not for any other things, and invest the other alternative for biofuels such as algae.


Khaled Al-talafih