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Re: Indigenous methods of food preparation: what is their impact on food security and nutrition?

Pitam Chandra ICAR, India
Pitam Chandra

It is a great idea to bring the traditional food processing knowledge in focus. While some of the traditional practices could be rejected right away on the basis of the current science, there are several others that prove to be beneficial. It must also be appreciated that one practce considered good at location 'A' might not prove to be good at location 'B' on account of agro-climatic conditions and/or work profile of consumers. For brevity, I am not quoting any examples, but there is a considerable scope to harness the traditional wisdome and practices in food preparation world over for integration with the contemporary knowledge. Today, families are getting smaller and working hours are getting longer with the result that healthy and wholesome food for this class of population is a big concern. Food processing industry today needs to reprioritize their goal from just producing tasty food to tasty and healthy food for targeted groups.

Pitam Chandra