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Re: Indigenous methods of food preparation: what is their impact on food security and nutrition?

Mr. Daniel Adotu Peoples' Interventions Worldwide, Uganda

Indigenous way of food preservation is very important in food security. Teso people [ethnic group in eastern Uganda and western Kenya, Ed.]  used to preserve meat in  a mound  made of soda ash. This had to be smoked meat and the meat is placed inside the mound made of soda ash and covered. The meat will stay in this mound of soda ash for as long as six months or beyond  without going bad. when a visitor comes and/or when there is scarcity or need to eat meat that day it will be picked and soaked and then cooked in groundnuts paste. This will be so tasty meal for that day.  In this way, the rural households used to be food secure.

Also in Uganda, the plantain bananas are prepared in especial way whereby the bananas are covered in banana leaves and cooked for hours. The bananas will taste great. They also cooked meat and/or chicken wrapped in banana leaves. All the ingredients are introduced at the sametime with the meat and wrapped. This will be steamed for some good time untill it cooks well and  served on special occassions like marriages and bid feasts.