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Re: Innovative financing for agriculture, food security and nutrition

Lizzy Nneka Igbine Nigerian Women Farmers Association, Nigeria
Lizzy Nneka

Dear All,
It is a big question; Innovative Financing for Agriculture and Food Security is going an extra mile in financing capability.
IFMs are a possibility as long as governments commit the right percentage of the countries budget.  
Another new avenue would be financing by Agriculture Co-operative Associations Institutions well articulated and geared toward this purpose, as it happens for cooperatives in other sectors.

The unexplored avenues that have great potential is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is an avenue where corporate organizations (including National and Multinational companies) give back to society what they have taken. Many of this organizations are out there and willing to give.

The setback is do famers know of the existence of this opportunities?
The most important things to do in Agriculture in my opinion is for the powers in the administrations to give room to farmers freedom from slavery poverty; this calls for authorities to allow the integration of every farmer no matter the gender in the cause of governance in Agriculture  and encourage low interest lending.

Farmer groups will be well positioned to seek and asses the funds out there for Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition purposes.

Lizzy Igbine.(Mrs.)
National President
Nigeria women AA farmers association.