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Re: Invitation to an open discussion on the political outcome document of the ICN2

Dr. Botir Dosov ICARDA-CAC / CACAARI, Uzbekistan

Dear all,

Please see my comments below: 

1. Do you have any general comments on the draft political declaration and its vision (paragraphs 1-3 of the zero draft)?    

I suppose following might be highlighted: ‘While children in some cases are injured as result obesity, other suffers from undernourishment, similarly large amount of waste products in some societies and malnutrition in other are observed as . Such asymmetric facts are challenge for development continuum.’ Or it can be reworded and/or integrated in other statements.

As the document are aimed for wider audience, figures shown as facts can also be states like: ‘every # child in world is undernourished’, ‘every # child death/disease are caused by undernutrition’, etc.

The paragraph 3 can be enriched by mentioning: ‘… negative implication of climate change and greedy use of natural resources, growth of population will increase the burden on agriculture and this in turn will increase the volatility of prices and deficit of food products will severely threat of malnutrition to vulnerable and poor’. The agriculture with its current potential will not be able to feed the world population in future. Some figures would be appropriate.


2. Do you have any comments on the background and analysis provided in the political declaration (paragraphs 4-20 of the zero draft)?            

The paragraph 7 can be enriched by adding: ‘Renew commitments … to increase rights to access to free and full health care to children and nursing mothers, especially to those who suffer from diseases, malnutrition, etc.’

I couldn’t find considerations on GMOs, probably because of existence of different views and approaches related to GMO. But GMO market is expanded rapidly, and still many societies have not clear attitudes, arrangement and regulation concerning GMOs. The capacity, knowledge, information and surveillance mechanisms should be improved especially in developing countries. This issue should be addressed in the document and follow-up actions.



3. Do you have any comments on the commitments proposed in the political declaration? In this connection, do you have any suggestions to contribute to a more technical elaboration to guide action and implementation on these commitments (paragraphs 21-23 of the zero draft)?

Please provide your comments in the appropriate fields relating to these commitments:    

Commitment VII: implementing a framework through which our progress with achieving the targets and implementing these commitments can be monitored, and through which we will be held accountable.             


I would like to see here the combination of such words: ‘Strengthening international collaboration’, ‘joint actions’, and ‘agreed accountability’