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Re: Making agriculture work for nutrition: Prioritizing country-level action, research and support

Final Year Economics Students (group 1)

Question 2 - To support the design and implementation of this programme, where would you like to see more research done, and why?

In keeping with the initiatives of our last post and a general perspective, we believe that research should be emphasized in the following areas:

In order to make agriculture work for nutrition (and in part facilitate the design and implementation of this programme) more research should be done at national level on mechanisms of adapting to a transforming agricultural world (especially for LDC’s) with special emphasis on maximizing nutritional impact. This should be done so as to ascertain the most effective method of adapting modernized efforts in agriculture. In our opinion, the small holder farmers must be taken into consideration in any adaptation process so that their needs can better shape agricultural innovation.

A more formative research should be done on “Effective Techniques of Communicating the importance of nutrition given certain social and cultural constraints”. Since a person’s eating habits are embedded in their beliefs, norms, habits and tradition, the research can focus primarily on the behaviours, attitudes and practices of a community, and understand the target group’s perspective, as this will help deliver effective results in terms of increasing their nutritional intake. Additionally, understanding what influences the target group’s behaviour and the barriers and opportunities to change behaviour one can decide the best ways to promote nutrition and change people’s eating habits.