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Re: Making agriculture work for nutrition: Prioritizing country-level action, research and support

Final Year Economics Students (group 3)

Greetings all,

In addition to our earlier post, we have a little more to contribute , as it relates to Question two (which basically talks of "where we would like to see more research done and why?")

Generally speaking:

1) Research can be conducted to find replacement plans for pesticides that may contain harmful ingredients to human, animal and aquatic life. New strategies can be developed for pest control practices and available training for farmers on how to do same, as well as training for  things like land use, growing practices, soil fertility etc.
2) Most countries may have a huge problem of where the people prefer imported products; therefore, more research should be conducted so as to devise a plan/strategy to promote the consumption of locally produced agricultural food.
3) Research or more attention should be emphasized on reducing food losses (this point refers directly to post harvest wastage) given the fact that a lot of resources are used to produce nutritional agricultural products; “it should not be thrown away!” This can be seen in many developed countries and we know for a fact that many people elsewhere can use the “excess food supply” (what the wastage is sometimes referred to).
4) There should be a direct involvement of producers/farmers, users/consumers in conducting and monitoring research activities; more specific emphasis should be placed on the producer’s/farmers concerns.
5) In concluding, research can also be conducted by countries who do not have the information on how the processing/production of locally produced goods; be it fruits, fish, meat or vegetables, etc. can act as the foundation for a more sound economy that can “MAKE AGRICULUTRE WORK FOR NUTRITION BY PRIORITIZING COUNTRY-LEVEL ACTION, RESEARCH AND SUPPORT”.

We Thank You!