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Re: Making agriculture work for nutrition: Prioritizing country-level action, research and support

Final Year Economics Students (group 1)

What can our institutions do to help country governments commit to action around your recommendations, and to help ensure implementation will be effective?

There are many ways your institutions can help country government’s commit to the actions, these are just a few:

  1. Coordinate and integrate nutrition based programs across state agencies and governmental organizations nationwide with the aim of getting expert advice on strengthening program coordination and implementation.
  1. Contribute more to the decision making capacities in developing countries by guiding governments on how to effectively formulate policies and strategies for agricultural development given certain technical and political constraints. Your institutions can also seek more avenues for obtaining more accurate state and local data to guide your decision-making and policy formulation. This is very important because accurate data about a country’s nutritional portfolio is an essential aspect when deciding how and when to allocate resources to address the issue of nutrition intake.
  1. The Institutions can also help governments commit to action by providing more grants and low interest loans for nutrition based projects, they can also assist by convincing and getting donors to contribute and support to cash based intervention such as free cash grants and vouchers to much needed families (especially in LDC’s), this can help increase household purchasing power. However, these cash based interventions should be based on the magnitude of under-nutrition.
  1. Assist with capacity building efforts, by encouraging and supporting initiatives such as PROFAV worldwide. ( find out more at: )