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Re: Making agriculture work for nutrition: Prioritizing country-level action, research and support

Mr. Subhash Mehta Devarao Shivaram Trust, India

Dear colleagues,

I am happy that FSN has focused on this very important subject and received very valuable suggestions and solutions to reduce hunger, malnutrition, poverty and suicides while improving access to nutritious food, purchasing power, net incomes and effects of climate change.  

Quoting Patrick Webb, Director, Global Nutrition CRSP – Asia and Dean, The Fletcher School, Tufts University, United States


“There is agreement internationally that evidence - based programming at scale is possible, ‘things that work’, to improve nutrition. It’s no more pilots and efficacy trials but an understanding of delivery, ‘what works at large scale in practice - with a big focus on costs and effectiveness’, integrated sustainable agriculture for the production of safe and nutritious food. The largest gap is in, ‘knowledge of how best to design and implement multi-sector, integrated programs at scale that combine the positive impacts of integrated agriculture, producing nutritious and healthy food and managed through the whole value chain’. The CGIAR (CRP4) and USAID’s Global Nutrition CRSP are focused on this and where the FTF’s research agenda is expected to play an important role in advocating for and sustaining, this kind of research globally”. 

I am looking forward to CFS taking forward most of the suggestions and solutions given, thus ensuring the long term sustainability of the resource poor rural communities/ smallholder producers.

Warm regards