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Re: Making agriculture work for nutrition: Prioritizing country-level action, research and support

FSN Forum Team FAO, Italy
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Posted on behalf of James Levinson

Wonderful idea, Friends,
And thanks to Anna and Cristina for organizing.
A few thoughts below

1. If you were designing an agricultural investment programme, what are the top 5 things you would do to maximize its impact on nutrition?
Nicely spelled out in the IYCN guidelines. I'd simply follow these - and also be prepared to do mitigation where early monitoring sees negative nutrition results

2. To support the design and implementation of this programme, where would you like to see more research done, and why?
Carefully following actual efforts to incorporate nutrition in ag projects and documenting results - including the attribution of particular results to particular project activities.

3. What can our institutions do to help country governments commit to action around your recommendations, and to help ensure implementation will be effective?
Insist that new agriculture projects have food security/nutrition objectives (which then will be evaluated) or, at a minimum, nutrition impact statements (the latter permitting input on the project from groups such as ours.)