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Re: Making agriculture work for nutrition: Prioritizing country-level action, research and support

Kuruppacharil V.Peter World Noni Research Foundation, India
Kuruppacharil V.Peter

Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) - a future tree for wellness and food supplimentation

Undernourishment and imbalanced rice based food are staring the developing world. Anemia, stunted growth, infant mortality, low body weight at birth and micro-nutrient deficiency disorders are telling adversely the working capacity and the cascading effect is abject poverty and low purchasing power.

Plant based nutraceuticals are natural, available at homesteads and pro-nature and green.

Noni(Morinda citrifolia L.), belonging to coffee family Rubiaceae, is a time tested tree with Polynesian origin spread to Micronesia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Andaman and Nicobar Islands(India).

The tree adores temples in Indonesia and adjoining N.E.Asian countries. More than 160 nutraceuticals are isolated from the fruits. Forty-six Universities around the world conduct research on Noni.

University of Hawaii has contributed significantly.

There is an all inclusive World Noni Research Foundation, Chennai India to undertake and promote research on Noni-tree improvement, protection, clinical research, pharmacological studies and food science-.

The International Society of Noni Science, Chennai promotes research by holding National Seminars every year and publishes the journal International Journal of Noni Research. A monograph on Noni is available.

Divine Noni Gold, Noni soap, Noni tooth paste, Noni shampoo, Noni oil, Noni tree etc are a few products.

Many testimonials are available on the role of Noni in imparting health and wellness.

The tree is listed under Future Crops.

P I Peter, Kirti Singh and K V Peter
World Noni Research Foundation
Chennai-96 India