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Re: Nutrition-enhancing agriculture and food systems

Dr. Lisa Kitinoja The Postharvest Education Foundation, United States of America

Dear moderators,

Excellent topic and questions, thank you. I would like to comment on the following:

Policy issues: 

What policies can make agriculture and food systems more nutrition-enhancing? 

Many projects and programs (funded by international donors, national governments, charity organizations or businesses during the past 4 decades) seem to have focused mainly on crops that provide calories (staple grains and root crops) rather than nutritious foods such as vegetables, fermented foods, fruits, nuts, dairy products, etc.  Policies that deliberately target or at least include these "other" foods would be very helpful in enhancing nutrition.  Putting an emphasis on reducing food losses/waste can protect limited resources (now spent on producing foods that often go to waste). 

What are the knowledge gaps in policies associated with nutrition-enhancing agriculture and food systems?

An important knowledge gap is the lack of information on local costs and benefits of producing, handling, processing and marketing these many nutritious types of foods.  Only when agriculture and food systems are profitable for those involved will they be sustainable and likely to move beyond the "trial" or "project" stage. 

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