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Re: Payments for environmental services (PES) in theory and practice: Lessons learned and way forward

Abubakar Sadiq Ibrahim Birma IFAD / FMARD, Nigeria
Abubakar Sadiq Ibrahim

From immemorial time, knowingly or unknowingly, man has  been benefiting from the Ecosystem but paying little consideration with regards to PES. Priority ought to be giving to PES knowing well that there is no profession that can survive without forests and trees.  Accelerated  developments worldwide, increased food production, increased health, increased nutrition and income all lead to loss of biological potential of the land, biodiversity, climate change,desertification,erosion,floods,low soil fertility, low food production and famine to mentioned but a few. This is due to the negative attention paid to PES both past and present. The negative over dependance on inorganic fertilizers, chemicals, massive tree felling to mention but a few are some of the actions done to the Environment without adequate  consideration of PES that man has to pay now as a  way  forward. This could be done through a wise use of the available resources without causing any damage to the environment, hence a friendly approach and utilization; through a sustainable agriculture development. For in comparison, the benefit derived from these negative activities  highlighted above hardly  match the cost of PES for such actions. For the way forward, both develomental agencies, government or non governmental, private organizations and individuals must respect the environment and adopt sustainable Agriculture Development approach and work Sustainably in all aspects of development that leads to increased food  production without inflicting any damage to the environment.


Head Sustainable Agriculture Development. IFAD CBARDP PSO
Federal. MInistry of Agriculture and Rural Development! KATSINA.