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Re: Social protection to protect and promote nutrition

Esam Eldin B. M. Kabbashi Ministry of Science and Communications, Sudan
FSN Forum

Dear Secretariat

I proposed for the policy makers the design on Social protection to protect and promote nutrition to consider the different environment, cultures, gender and age and the economic capacities of the different social groups. These will be infiltrated with some elaboration in the project formulation. That is, the environment may dictate the nutritional pattern of its dwellers specially for a great deal of the African that live in forests and deserts with a spreading illiteracy. However, for the mundane societies the image may look the same in the end results i.e. the malnutrition here is in taking unnecessary amounts of foods that may result in obesity, hyperinsulinaemia and probable diabetes together  with hypertension and the long series of disorders including heart and vascular diseases. The formulation of the project may include and amalgamate the scientific findings with the social nutritional activities as much as possible. However, a main part of the formulation must include the mandate of healthy water and how it could save a lot for the communities in protecting them from an extensive list of water transmitted diseases. The formulation may also consider a part in the importance of using healthy additives in preserved food with a tendency to the natural ones. 

However, the implementation of all the array of healthy nutrition may include the efficient ways of convincing the different groups of population with what mentioned considering the psychological, social, cultural and educational aspects of the targets. However, it is worth to mention that the awareness of the healthy nutritional pattern may need a continuous activation e.g. the well educated eat more and more sugars than the needed together with drinking less and less amounts of  water than the needed. Accept my kind regards please.

Dr. Esam Eldin B. M. Kabbashi

Food Research Centre, Ministry of Science and Communications, Khartoum.