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Re: Social protection to protect and promote nutrition

Nyasha Tirivayi facilitator of the discussion, FAO, Italy

Dear Participants

This week we move on to the second question for our discussion. 

What are the key institutional and governance challenges to the delivery of cross-sectoral and comprehensive social protection policies that protect and promote nutrition of the most vulnerable?

Your contributions can cover all instititutional and governance issues you know to affect the delivery of cross-sectoral nutrition enhancing social protection policies   

e.g. who are the stakeholders, power balance, intersectoral conflicts, intersectoral coordination, decentralization and community participation, institutional capacity, financial capacity, roles and responsibilities for oversight, legislative accountability, inclusiveness, rights based approach etc.

1.        In discussing this question, please provide examples and case studies of successful or failed cross sectoral social protection policies that promote nutrition…Give reasons why your examples succeeded or failed.

For example in the concept note Brazil's Zero Hunger programme is given as a successful example of a national and multisectoral social protection system promoting nutrition. Another example given is the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC)’s Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh. 

2.       Please recommend possible solutions to the institutional and governance challenges that you identify from your experiences, examples/case studies or literature.