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Re: With Technology and Elite capture - Are Cooperatives Relevant today?

Economic Agri Advisors EAA University Of Guyana, Guyana
Economic Agri Advisors

AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVES: KEY TO FEEDING THE WORLD was the theme for world food day 2012.

This is in recognition of the importance cooperatives play in ending hunger and improving food security globally. Given all the ICT developments 100 million jobs around the world fell within the purview of cooperatives, a number that is 20% greater than those for multinational enterprises. In kenya cooperatives have the following market shares: 70% of coffee, 76% of dairy, 90% of pyrethrum and 95% of cotton. In 2008, the top 300 cooperatives were responsible for an aggregate turnover of US$1.1 trillion, a value almost the size of spain. In Brazil, cooperatives account for 40% of agricultural GDP and 6% of total agribusiness exports. In the USA 80% of diary production is controlled by cooperatives and 500 000 coffee growers in colombia are apart of the National Federation of Coffee growers-a cooperative.

These are all recent statistics in light of ICT development and illusstrates the resilience of agricultural cooperatives.

ICT development has obviously improved the functionings of cooperatives notwithstanding the principal agent problems that exist with its management. These problems are well documented and there's no shortage of solutions to mitigate them. COOPERATIVES ARE STILL VERY MUCH RELEVANT.