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Re: With Technology and Elite capture - Are Cooperatives Relevant today?

Elizabeth Asiimwe Agric. Ext Student, Uganda

Yes, we need the c0operatives. and much as they did not fair well in uganda, it was largely due to institutional and managerial factors. These days, social capital is the fastest password to getting busines deals and this is majorly through face to face interaction. With ICT, yes many people can be be reached faster  through telephones, radios, networking sites, etc...thanks to FIT Uganda's channel of market prices - infotrade. however, i still feel that deals are usually sealed faster when there is a  face to face meeting-which was common with cooperatives.

I have had  cases where farmers sell their proucts at give away prices to middlemen just because they are duped that their colleagues are offering 'lower' prices. And because they badly need the money, and they fear associated risks of storing it for some time, they sell at a loss. But with cooperatives  farmer groups are able to have a collaborative and stronger say on prices which could minimise exploitation. this will happen only when there is a favourable policy environment. over to the concerned...