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Re: Viet Nam

Ms. PHAM THI SEN NOMAFSI (Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Institute, ...

1. Question 1:

Main drivers:

- Globalization and increased threats of being "vanished" if not developed,  increased markets for agricultural products, increased opportunities for development, acquirement and application of technologies.

- Demographic development with increased skillful and educated manpower.

Main obstacles:

- Moral recession: declined moral standards, reduced sense of responsibility for the community development.

- Others obstacles, as other people already mentioned.

2. Question 2:

- All of the scenarios seem to be plausible in certain way, and the first one "Land of the Golden Mekong" is the most likely for me. However, how to make the markets commonly regulated and the regional collaboration strengthened is still not clear; need more inputs from the scenarios "builders".

3. Question 3:


- To increase the sense of community responsibility together with increase the production; both "sense" and "matter" at the same time.

4. Question 4:

First step:

- To get the policy makers and the decision makers involved in the scenarios building and aware of the obstacles and drivers to the country's development.