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05.02.2008 - 14.07.2008

Discussions from n.7 to n.17

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Discussion No. 17
Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

24.06.2008 - 14.07.2008

How do organic agriculture systems utilize traditional skills and knowledge, manage with weather extremes, and enhance productivity and resilience?
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Discussion No. 16
Mainstreaming food security and nutrition in poverty reduction strategies/policies

15.06.2008 - 04.07.2008

Members shared:
Case studies of initiatives towards mainstreaming food and nutrition security in poverty reduction strategies, development plans or national policies
Opportunities, challenges and lessons learned in implementing such initiatives with positive outcomes
What kind of policy assistance is available or required to overcome constraints to mainstreaming food and nutrition security at local levels (like in district or municipal plan)

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Discussion No. 15
Staple Food as a Fundamental Solution to Malnutrition

27.05.2008 - 27.06.2008

What could be the solutions to the over-reliance on short to medium strategies of Supplementation and Fortification? What could be done to promote staple food?
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Discussion No. 14
Energy Competition for Food Crops

03.06.2008 - 20.06.2008

Members shared their opinions and insights on the pros and cons of bio-fuel.
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Discussion No. 13
Improving rice production in Africa

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Discussion No. 12
Biological Pesticide Research and Extension

22.05.2008 - 14.06.2008

Forum members shared information (examples, reference papers, contacts...) and insight/advice regarding Biological pesticide research and Extension
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Discussion No. 11
Impact of Soaring Food Prices and Policy Responses

25.04.2008 - 30.05.2008

Forum members shared insights on the impact of soaring food prices and policy measures adopted in country-specific situations as well as recommend appropriate policies/actions.  
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Discussion No. 10
Genetically Modified Organisms and Food Security

31.03.2008 - 09.05.2008

Forum members were invited to:
1.Share examples of where smallholder farmers use genetically modified crops and the advantages and disadvantages they have noticed in relation to conventional corps.
2.Share examples of where multinational companies/ governments and others have promoted their genetic crops to small-scale farmers, specifically thinking of promises of higher yields and greater access to new markets.
3.Provide contact details of NGOs other organisations or people who are aware or engaged in similar studies to contact and share information.
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Discussion No. 9
Food Price Rise as a Motive for Action Against Hunger and Malnutrition

26.03.2008 - 18.04.2008

Forum members shared ideas and experiences on how individuals, communities and countries can use the food price rise as a motive for concerted action against chronic hunger and malnutrition.
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Discussion No. 8
Community Forestry and Food Security

17.03.2008 - 17.04.2008

The Forum members shared documents or studies on different food security indicators.  They aso discussed the following issues: lAre there studies that evaluate the contribution of community forestry to food security? What would be the best mechanisms to anchor Agricultural Activities and ensure Food Security in a Community Forestry process, which generally consists in management of natural/forest resources by and for local populations?
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Discussion No. 7
Measuring household FSN, with a focus on HIV/AIDS affected households

05.02.2008 - 14.03.2008

Which tools, indicators or methods should be used for measuring the Food Security of households containing adults malnourished with HIV/AIDS?
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