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Moringa for increased nutrition and poverty reduction

by Ms. Tyson Deal

Familiar with Moringa?  I need your help! My name is Tyson Deal, and I am a graduate student at the University of Georgia pursuing a Master’s of Agricultural Leadership. I am conducting a study about Moringa and the limiting factors of its adoption and use for agricultural development.

I am looking for individuals to participate in a research study for my master’s thesis. The study involves answering questions regarding the subject of Moringa and agricultural development. If you would be interested to lend your expertise by participating in the study, if you have questions, or would like more information, please contact me or the primary investigator (PI) Maria Navarro at

If you are interested in participating, the link to the questionnaire is: Please feel also free to answer the questions in this Forum.

Your time, participation, and input are greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for helping a graduate student and contributing to research for the greater-good.

Tyson Deal and Dr. Maria Navarro

University of Georgia
United States of America

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Dr. Syed Md. Zainul Abedin, Bangladesh
Syed Md.

Hello Ms Tyson Deal,

I am interested to provide available information regarding Moringa.

You may contact me via my e-mail:

Best wishes,

Dr.Syed Md.Zainul Abedin

FSN Forum Team FAO, Italy
FSN Forum

Posted on behalf of Sathish Kumar, India


I came to know that you are doing your thesis on moringa. I have also decided to do the same in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University of India. Can we exchange information on adoption behaviour of moringa?



Dear Tyson Deal,

many greeting!

This is masresha from Ethiopia. I am nitrition researcher  at Ethiopian Health & Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI). I heard that you are working on Moringa plant. here in our institute there is some study is going on and you also rural communities consuming it at different region.What kind of collaboration do you thinks?

with regards,

Masresha Tessema,
Researcher, Ethiopian Health & Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI)


Posted on behalf of Cara McDonald


I recently saw a post that you are doing research on the Moringa tree to help alleviate poverty. I wanted to let you know I will be doing research this summer in Haiti on this topic with Penn State University. Penn State has a lot of research going on with the Moringa tree. I would love to hear more about your research and I'd love to share my findings as well.