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Discussions from n.31 to n.40

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Discussion No. 40
Revising the Food Security Component of the Sphere Handbook

14.07.2009 - 10.09.2009

In the framework of the second revision of the Sphere Handbook - Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response, members are invited to give their feedback on the Food Security component of the Handbook.

Discussion No. 39
Developing and Implementing Food Safety Mechanisms

30.06.2009 - 23.07.2009

Members are invited to share insights on and experiences with the legislation on food hygiene, monitoring mechanisms, policies for consumer protection and the situation of street food vending in their respective countries.

Discussion No. 38
Food Security and Capabilities Approach: from theory to practice

25.06.2009 - 24.07.2010

Members share experiences and references on the application and operationalization of the Capabilities Approach in Food Security projects/programmes.

Discussion No. 37
Food Security in arid and semi-arid lands: the challenges of sustainable use of scarce resources

15.06.2009 - 10.07.2009

Members are invited to share insights, success stories or good practices on the sustainable use of resources in arid and semi-arid lands.

Discussion No. 36
Gender and cultural dimensions of vulnerability to Food Security in HIV/AIDS context

04.06.2009 - 30.06.2009

Forum members are invited to share opinions and references on “How cultural systems influence gender roles, women’s sexuality, rural livelihoods, food and nutrition security, in HIV/AIDS context”.

Discussion No. 35
Identifying and addressing Food Insecurity among the Urban Poor

28.04.2009 - 15.06.2009

Forum members are invited to share their insights and experiences in identifying food insecurity among the urban poor and explain which methods/ mechanisms have been used to address it at household and community-level.

Discussion No. 34
Food Security and Nutrition Security – What is the problem and what is the difference

01.04.2009 - 18.05.2009

Forum members are invited to give opinion on two main questions:

– Are there generic causes of young child malnutrition? How they are related to each other and to the final nutritional outcome?
– Is ‘nutrition security’ a part of ‘food security’, or is ‘food security’ a part of ‘nutrition security’? Or are they the same? Or are they totally different?

Discussion No. 33
Impact of cassava development on Food Security and Nutrition of the rural poor

15.04.2009 - 18.05.2009

Forum members are invited to share insights and experiences regarding the impact of cassava development on food security and nutrition of the rural poor.

Discussion No. 32
Sharing innovative and flexible capacity building practices for development

18.03.2009 - 30.04.2009

Forum members were invited to share experiences on innovative and flexible capacity building practices for development, in particular Open and Distance Learning practices.

Discussion No. 31
Do Population Dynamics aggravate Food and Nutrition Insecurity? – Monitoring Change in Complex Times

20.03.2009 - 28.04.2009

Forum members shared experiences and insights on:
– The recent effects/impacts of demographic dynamics on specific and different food/nutrition insecure and vulnerable populations as well as the extend to which these dynamics either aggravate and/or help these vulnerable populations in their resilience and resourcefulness;
– Who, when and where are the most vulnerable population groups, communities and agro-ecologies affected by demographic changes;
– What are the policy and program responses (if any) to these various population trends.