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Re: Enabling rural cooperatives and producer organizations to thrive as sustainable business enterprises

Enoque Albino Manhique
Enoque Albino Manhique APDCOMA-Association For Community Development andMozambique

Dear Member and Forum coordinator
Thank you very much for exposing this topic for discussion. I think that rural cooperative have done something quite positive as they are already organised in such associations. Now to become sustainable they should identify more members and form a clusterisation groups whereby they can identify dynamic markets and commercialize in a close and open circle   all their produces. Additionally they should work hard to have certification of their products, this mean be more engaged in GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), therein they will be able to conquer internal and external markets. Of course this is not easy but with more effort they can firstly push their government attention and while getting the support or assisted by public institutions their vision can grow further.
Thank you
Enoque Albino Manhique
DVM, MSc in Agricultural Development
Agricultural Research Institute of Mozambique