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Re: From economic growth to food security and better nutrition

Claudio Schuftan
Claudio SchuftanPHMViet Nam

Dear all,

2.  You mention pro-poor economic growth policies. I feel uncomfortable with any use of pro-poor. I have many times written that we rather need poverty alleviation (or rather disparity reduction!!) policies that are pro-nutrition. There is a big difference there. Pro-poor has the connotation of  throwing a few crumbs, but leave them in poverty kind'a thing. It victimizes the poor.

3. This relates to your Q3:
How can we mobilize the political will necessary to put policies for hunger reduction and improved nutrition higher on the list of political priorities?

  • Should we not be mobilizing politically for disparity reduction at least in parallel if not before?
  • Can we change political will of elites with entrenched interests? Is this an illusion? Are we not really talking about exerting de-facto counter-power to their political priorities?

Claudio in Ho Chi Minh City