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Re: Forests and trees provide benefits for food security and nutrition – what is your say?

Nelly-Diane Alemfack Efozo
Nelly-Diane Alemfack EfozoYoung Volunteers for EnvironmentCameroon

Forest governance should be improved

Forest governance should be improved in my opinion, because the loggers do not always respect the canons of contracts with the competent authorities. this situation leads to a land grab of indigenous peoples and sometimes illegal logging. In the forest region of Cameroon, for example, people testify that "Moabi" disappeared. Once, Baka ate it fruit, retrieved oil based its core, which allowed them to cook food, but also had therapeutic virtues related to the skin. Today, people are forced to travel miles to see a palm oil that does not belong to someone for the cooking oil, since the Baka culture did not create a field for  planting to feed.
plots dedicated to community forest are occasionally used by loggers who cross the limits of their areas of operations.

After a few complaints, people are sometimes received the construction of a classroom that serves as their school sometimes without teachers. This sotuation do not contribute to solve the lack oof food.
 So faced to  this situation, it is necessary to inform the loggers at the  based on the place of trees, forests, agroforestry systems in food safety. it is important to strengthen the capacity of communities in advocacy so that they can  even claim their right and not just leave NGOs to speak for them.

At least it is important to ensure that all environmental Operating laws are respected
it is also important that the government adopt a good policy for the reforestation of forest resources especially regarding the disappearance of trees in full as "moabi"
Governments should require to logging, road construction to facilitate the flow of agricultural products in the villages due to the landlocked state roads especially during the rainy season, to avoid shortage on the market.