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Re: Social protection to protect and promote nutrition

Nyasha Tirivayi
Nyasha Tirivayifacilitator of the discussion, FAOItaly

Dear Participants

This week we move on to the final question for our discussion. 

In your experience, what are key best-practices and lessons-learned in fostering cross-sectoral linkages to reduce malnutrition and enhance poverty reduction through social protection?

Your contributions on the key best practices  can cover the key policy, design and implementation factors that enable  successful cross sectoral linkages for  nutrition sensitive and poverty reducing social protection policies.

Your contributions should discuss any/or all the sectors that you feel should be linked with social protection to reduce malnutrition and enhance poverty reduction. e.g. health, agriculture, education, finance ministries, private sector, CSOs, CBOs, donors, UN etc 

Please feel free to cite case studies, impact evaluations and also identify and share lessons learned from successful or failed cross sectoral social protection policies that promote nutrition.