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Re: Online consultation for developing the Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management

Pradip Dey
Pradip DeyICAR-AICRP (STCR), Indian Institute of Soil Science, BhopalIndia

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Ensuring food security for burgeoning population necessitates the production of additional food grain from the same land without losing the production potential of the soil. This, in turn, requires extensive research to provide a scientific basis for enhancing and sustaining food production as well as soil productivity with minimum environmental degradation. In general, soil quality and soil health are often used interchangeably and are considered synonymous. Soil health describes biological integrity of the soil community the balance among organism within a soil and between soil organism and their environment. Soil quality is a term that more often is used to describe physical attributes of a soil. The term “soil quality” literally emphasizes on three important aspects, viz., (i) focus on dynamic rather than inherent characteristics of soil, (ii) soil fitness rather than just preventing degradation, and (iii) interactions among soil processes rather than soil components.

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Pradip Dey