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Re: Youth – feeding the future. Addressing the challenges faced by rural youth aged 15 to 17 in preparing for and accessing decent work

Jacqueline Demeranville

Dear contributors,

The issue of gender and how it impacts rural girls’ and boys’ access to decent work has been raised in the discussion. A number of issues concerning girls in the 15-17 age group have been highlighted (including child marriages and pregnancies, time burden of domestic and reproductive tasks, and additional challenges in access to training, natural resources, markets and representation in organizations).

I would like to invite the members of this forum to expand on how your approaches and models address the gender dimension in their design or implementation.

It would be particularly interesting to know any specific actions taken to address the challenges faced by rural adolescent girls in participating in vocational training and preparing for and accessing decent work in agriculture and related activities.

I also invite you to share your insights or experiences on any particular challenges or risks faced by rural boys in this age group of 15-17 and their preparation for or access to decent work in agricultural-related activities.

Looking forward to hearing from you,