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Re: Are there any successful policies and programmes to fight overweight and obesity?

JC Wandemberg
JC WandembergSustainable Systems InternationalIndia

Human behavior is extremely complex, e.g. one man's trash is somebody elses treasure. Hence, the need to understand all the driving factors behind over-eating before overweight becomes a vicious downward spiral e.g., tired to exercise> more anxious > eating). Addressing the symptoms will only delay the solution and thus aggravate the problem!

In Ecuador the government implemented a food "traffic light" with red for high sugars, fat and salt, yellow for medium and green for low. The consequences were desastrous, to say the least, people lower their consumption of milk, yougurt and other healthy foods while continue eating processed foods with plnety of MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) as well as other preservatives and additives which were completely ignored by the infamous food "traffic light".