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Re: Maximizing the Impact of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition

francis njuguna
francis njugunanew kccKenya

UN Decade of Action on Nutrition is a move in the right direction simply because malnutition is an obstacle to a health nation and development and this is even more significant in less developed and developing nations.

One important aspect of UN Decade of Action on Nutrition is that it is highly significant and in line with new sustainable development goals aspects of ending hunger, achieving food security and improving nutrition.

Nutrition is rapidly gaining recognition as a key area of national focus, in Kenya for example the government has adopted a high impact nutrition interventions across the country, implemented a nutrition policy and a mandatory food fortification in the recent past not to mention other interventions by other stakeholders like humantarian communities and development partners.

The subject issue here is maximising the impact of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition, this calls for a change of approach to harmonise all this interventions for a common goal which is in this case the subject of the matter; stakeholders should work together and their interventions should not target emergencies but address the root cause.


Francis Njuguna
Dairy Technologist