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Re: Maximizing the Impact of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition

Temitope Ajayi
Temitope AjayiFederal University of Agriculture AbeokutaNigeria

I thank the UNSCN for this innovation. The challenges I see in Nigeria on food security and malnutrition are; lack of large scale farming and mechanization, diseases and pest, which makes food unavailable and expensive and the lack of education nutrition to the masses.

The UN should partner with stakeholders in the country to facilitate the following:

  • Sensitization of the masses on effect of malnutrition and importance of eating right by involving the media, health workers and schools.
  • Support for young people who are into agriculture in order to operate large scale farming. For example; I see a lot of graduate and undergraduate student in my school that are into farming using the school land.
  • Agricultural institutes and schools should be actively involved in the area of research, extension services, and viable seeds of different plant species should be made available and affordable.
  • The UN Decade of Action should collaborate with the Government in order to provide land for people willing to go into agriculture, such land will be monitored  to ensure that agricultural activities is actually taking place on them.

The bodies the UN Decade of Action can partner with in order to facilitate and monitor the project includes: Agricultural research institutes (Nigeria have a lot of them), Nutrition and health centres, schools, media houses, financial institutions and the government.