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Re: Eggs: harnessing their power for the fight against hunger and malnutrition

Wajid Pirzada
Wajid PirzadaRoots Pakistan (

Eggs indeed are relatively cheaper and ready-to-use high quality food for all ages. Consumption of eggs in rural population however, has decreased over last 3-4 decades, implying that 3/4th of world population has now limited access to this high quality food 'Capsule'. This decrease in consumption of egg can be attributed to:

i. Significant drop in backyard poultry farming- many of the rural poultry breeds have become extinct over time.

ii. Displacement of rural poultry by commercial farming.

iii. Lack of aesthetic taste in commercial eggs viz a viz backyard poultry eggs

iv. Cost of commercial eggs, as compared to 'home-grown' eggs- backyard farming produce

On the other hand, consumption of eggs has increased in urban settings, because of inter alia:

i. Readily available commercial eggs at relatively cheaper price, compared to backyard farming produce, which fetch higher price because of its aesthetic values (both taste and color).

ii. Use of eggs in multiple dishes and baking products.

Given that 3/4th of world population resides in rural areas, and that egg consumption has dropped in these areas, it could be one of the contributory factors towards growing malnutrition and consequent upon increased stunting among developing regions of the world.

'An egg a day' campaign in Schools and egg-based daily food supplementation for pregnant and lactating mothers can help improve the nutritional health especially of women and children.

Promotion of Good Poultry Husbandry Practices and value chain & SPS management can help contain the health risks associated with egg consumption.

Value chain development in egg sector can help reduce the cost of egg products, and increase in its consumption.

Manipulation of poultry feeding- through informed nutrition can help in mitigation of GHGs emission from factory poultry farming.