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Re: Eggs: harnessing their power for the fight against hunger and malnutrition

Kazungu Rauben
Kazungu RaubenMakerere universityUganda

Dear all, 

Responding to topic "Response on the different ways that we could increase demand for eggs, other than increasing availability and reducing price? What are some examples of successful initiatives?"

The consumption of eggs in Uganda has increased of recent because of formalising of "Rolex" in tourism industry as Peterson Kato Kikomeko noted . However, egg consumption is likely to drop because of the 'Fake eggs' that were found being sold on Ugandan markets . A case to mentions is chinese company that  was found selling fake eggs made from yet to be established chemicals by Uganda Government Analytitical Lababalary.  Unless quality standards of eggs in the markets are streamlined, fake eggs  will explode  the market since they are artificially made and sold at cheaper prices compared to normal eggs  and can sustainably meet the increasing demand of eggs by the local population.