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Re: Sustainable Development Goals - your story of creating a food secure world

Adam Sneyd
Adam SneydUniversity of GuelphCanada

"Taking the SDGs at face value and not conceptualizing them to be the result of political conflict would be a huge mistake. The global cacophony of politically correct communications that the SDGs have stimulated could also cement power relations that recreate inequalities and marginalization in the global political economy. This bleak reality is in no way foreordained, though — political analysis can help us uncover the politics that works against the goals, and can inspire more informed engagements in SDG politics.

Regarding the "zero-hunger" goal specifically, there is a clear multilevel politics of ideas animating discussions about the future of food. Stakeholders who are situated differently in relation to food tend to vehemently disagree on the interventions and investments necessary to enhance food security and realize the right to food. The targets and indicators linked to “SDG 2” are subject to this broader food politics. Fractious political divides pertaining to the availability of food, and to its accessibility and to dietary adequacy, set the limits of the possible for realizing this SDG."

-Adapted from Politics Rules: Power, Globalization and Development (Fernwood Publishing and Practical Action Publishing, 2019).