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Re: Development of a Code of Conduct on Food Loss and Food Waste Prevention

JC Wandemberg
JC WandembergSustainable Systems InternationalIndia

Addressing COC

There are only three ways to manage people’s conduct:

By Coercion

By Collusion

By Inspiration


1. and 2. are rather simple to deal with through incentives, disincentives, and regulations.

Number 3 is the greatest challenge along with the implementation and enforcement of 1 & 2.

There is no greater inspiration than that of a brighter future for all involved based on moral authority, integrity, and transparency.


Addressing FLW

FLW happens for many reasons, inter alia:

Some food prices are so cheap people don’t care about wasting them

Inappropriate infrastructure to bring food from harvest to consumer

Inappropriate storage

Adding a tax to cheap foods will address # 1. the tax collected can be used to help build better infrastructure and storage issues.


Best regards,


JC Wandemberg Ph.D.

Sustainable Systems International.Org