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Re: The Future UNIDROIT-FAO-IFAD Legal Guide on Agricultural Land Investment Contracts (ALIC)

Yixin Xu
Yixin XuSouthwest University of Political Science and LawChina

Some private companies are willing to invest in sustainable agricultural activities to show their leadership in addressing global environmental or social challenges. However, these investing companies themselves may not be specialized in agricultural projects. Instead of investing directly, they may seek intermediaries. Such intermediaries may have various forms, such as development banks and private companies. They usually have their own teams of experts and codes of conduct. Many explanations of basic legal knowledge may not be helpful for them. For instance, ‘this is because domestic courts can exercise compulsory personal and subject matter jurisdiction over persons and disputes located in that State’s territory’(p.123). Hence, after defining a clear scope of the audience in the revision, the draft may consider rearranging the structure of texts so that legal experts can locate the core issues easier.