Re: Coming to terms with terminology

Dr Stephen O. Adejoro Zartech ltd, Nigeria
Dr Stephen O. Adejoro

My name is Dr Stephen Adejoro of Zartech Limited Nigeria, and I wish to contribute to the choice of appropriate terminology on the definition of FOOD SECURITY.

I believe that any acceptable definition must emphasize the word SECURITY as the major objective for hunger alleviation and healthy food supply for the World population

The term SECURITY must be subconsciously understood by consumers , Government and NGO policies makers as a state of  real confidence without fear and anxiety, on an assurance for a steady and  basic supply of food, that is regularly available ,affordable , safe and of good quality to guarantee minimum nutritional requirement for consumers

Whereas the word FOOD  must recognize availability, affordability and food safety. The SECURIY term of the terminology, must recognize that nutritional standard for healthy body system must be part and parcel of an acceptable terminology

So my choice of an appropriate terminology is FOOD SECURITY AND NUTRITION


Dr Stephen Adejoro
Head of Research &Marketing
Zartech Limited