Re: The contribution of the private sector and civil society to improve nutrition

Robynne Anderson facilitator of the discussion, Canada
FSN Forum

Dear FSN participants,

It is great to see such a range of organisations participating in our online discussion. From reading the contributions over the past few days, we can see that that there is a huge diversity of actors engaged in this important topic and ICN is going to be important in defining our roles in providing nutrition.

I was particularly excited to read about the specific projects that are happening on the ground. Not least, we heard from Guyana, where those in the agro-processing and aqua-farming sectors are pooling resources and working with international organisations to look at solutions such as modernizing harvesting and processing equipment in order to improve food production.

Many pointed to the ‘multi-sectoral nature’ of promoting nutrition security. ECDPM in the Netherlands noted market-based initiatives in the food, health and agricultural sectors are increasing nutrition­related research, investments, and production.

I thought it was interesting that the forum asked us to reflect upon ‘sustainable partnerships’ and how to create linkages across sectors. It is true that working together will be absolutely key here. In the electronic world of the FSN online forum, the question set out a ‘private-sector’ – ‘civil-society’ dichotomy, but we all know that real life doesn’t work like that. Just look at the wide range of academics, farm organisations, private companies and others involved since the discussion began on-line and it’s easy to see that this division seems somewhat artificial and not necessarily helpful. What we really want is real solutions that will make a difference on the ground.

As the forum wraps up, it would be great to hear about specific projects and partnerships that are driving outcomes on nutrition.  It has been a pleasure to hear from you all and it will a pleasure to work with you on food security and nutrition in future.