Re: From economic growth to food security and better nutrition

George Akende Akalemwa Zambia Catholic University, Zambia
George Akende

This is a very interesting topic yet again which you have started. SOFI is very right again to note that the figures of those living in food insecurity areas are very high. But allow me to add that even when food may be available and in abundancy in many areas but can not be accessed in other many areas again.

In my humble contribution, I still feel our governments can actually play a very vital role in making sure that our people are food secure in both rural and ubarn areas. First and foremost, it is actually true that some of the best policies which can be employed by our leaders are the pro-poor growth policies. With their emphasis and target at the most vulnerable, most poor and most disadvantages, these policies can help uplift these souls from the jaws of poverty and subsequently food secure them. Unfortunately, most of our governments maybe have not seen the significance of these policies.

Secondly in my country Zambia, talking about food security is sometimes very annoying and embrassing. Zambia is one country in southern Africa which harvests most grains but again one which losses the most grains because of lack of planning by those intrusted to secure our grains. Most of the grain (maize- staple food) which has been secured using so much public funds will soon go to worst because of lack of planning from those intrusted to make sure all this maize is safe. It is very sad to note that our leaders talk on many platforms (proudly) how much grains the country has harvested and how much the government has bought from the farmers from last season. A few days later they are on the same platform inspecting huge wastage biles and biles of the same grain. Meanwhile so many of our people are going without food in many parts of the country. How can a country be food secure like this? With the onset of the rain season, it will be an every day news to see wastage maize after the government has spend so much public funds to secure all the staple food gains which were grown last season.

We are still using tents to cover and safe guard the maize and other grains bought by public funds all which can help provide food for our people. A hungry country is a dangerous country. It is here where we really need to take serious stoke of all the grains we have ande safe guard it jelously. This can only be done with better planning and commitment by our leaders at the same time implementing policies which look at the poor person and uplift him from the trap of poverty otherwise I am afraid, we will continue  to be counted and add on the numbers of those who are food insecure in the world.

George Akalemwa

Zambia Catholic University