Re: Forests and trees provide benefits for food security and nutrition– what is your say?

Mr. Emmanuel Suka Association of Friends of Limbe Botanic Garden, Cameroon

Dear Moderator and FSN Participants,

Some important facts were omitted on goods and services provided by forests relevant to food security and nutrition, interalia, provision of fresh water/protect watersheds, regenerates soil important for agriculture, recycle nutrients and wastes, provides resin, Non-Timber Forests Products including roots, leaves, vines, stems, barks etc important as local foods that augment local diets, important source of medicines for health safety and food supplements. Forests and secret forests serve as important areas for traditional and cultural grounds for performing cultural activities that contributes to traditional conservation and management of forest, traditional knowledge and innovation is one way to contribute to local access and protection of forests for food safety, security and nutrition.

My proposal is application of Integrated Ecosystems and Ecosystem Based Management Approach in the managing forests.

Despite the value of forests recognized world wide, there has been no specific Global Agreement/Convention on forest with obligations binding to all countries. I cease this opportunity to recommend that a world agreement dedicated on forest conservation and management be ratified to ensure food security and nutrition.


Emmanuel Suka