Re: Forests and trees provide benefits for food security and nutrition– what is your say?

Mr. Waheed Jamali SEARCH Pakistan, Pakistan

We must say forests, tress and rangelands in our area “Kachho” in Sindh province of Pakistan are the only source of our livelihood. Grazing lands provides fodder to our livestock and livestock provides milk, butter, meat, other milk products and hard cash by selling our livestock and its products. Many fruit trees are also found in our area and provide nutrition. Honey is also found in our forests, some of the fruits of trees and bushes are used as vegetable.

Without tress, forests and rangelands we are nothing! That’s the reason we, SEARCH [Society for Environmental Actions, Re-Construction and Humanitarian response] are actively working and mobilizing communities for social forestry, conservation and protection of environment.

But, feudalism and land grabbers are the major threat and Government departments are not much active to stop them! Hence; we are helping communities and motivating them to conserve their resources with the support of local departments and by managing communities.