Re: HLPE consultation on the V0 draft of the Report: Biofuels and Food Security

Bambang Prastowo Indonesian agency of agricultural research and ...
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Dear HLPE project team on biofuel and food security of FAO

As announced on the website about the FAO report on Biofuel and food security, i would like to share my opinion, based on the Indonesian experiences so far on the developing and encouraging of the biofuel utilization and also how far we support the national food security

I hope the sentence below could be inserted or included as the policy recommendation of the report

My sharing is as follow :

"Solid biomass resources from rural sector as potential solid biomass energy are however coming from agriculture crops and or the people forest. So for developing biomass energy or utilizing solid biomass, the sustainability of food and agriculture and forest (and environment in general) much be ruled as the first determinant factor. That’s why solid biomass much be considered also as an organic material that required by the soil/land and the crops as well, so the residue (even in the form of ask or burned residues) have to be put back into the soil . That mean, the solid biomass and it’s biomass energy much be utilized in the country where the biomass were taken, that mean solid biomass export or biomass trade globally have to be regulated" 

Best regards,

Bambang Prastowo
Research professor on agric technology and mechanization and bioenergy
Indonesian agency of agricultural research and development
Ministry of agriculture of the republic of Indonesia