Re: Making agriculture work for nutrition: Prioritizing country-level action, research and support

Lizzy Nneka Igbine Nigerian Women Farmers Association, Nigeria
Lizzy Nneka

I will give a brief on sensitive food and making Agriculture work. and a summary of Nutrition.
However in my submission to ICN's call for Papers, I will give my full research report.
Food is a daily consumptions by man to live and continue his existence on earth in other words food is life and it reqires value for existence.
Sensitive food can be described as high calorie high value food. This has more vitamin content and has varoius functions that enables proper growth and gives required vitamin content for the reqired age, group or people..
Making Agriculture work for Nutrition is the science of Producing Adequate foods of value, high in vitamin content, iron, energy and suitable for consumption for the entire population at affordable price and available within the reach of the population.
The definition of value, quality and affordability is the challenge we face. This makes us to go futher to How and What should be done.
There is need to do an assesment of daily vitamins requirements, of each group and the science of producing suitable food for the population.
This will be properly stated in submision to ICN call.
There is need also to look into GMOs (Genetically modified foods and there vitamin content and ask if GMOs are a sustainable substitute. (Our research institutes.)
There is need to evaluate past and present interventions, to this I will like to use statistical datas in finding out mordern challenges of todays Agriculture and Nutritional values.