Re: With Technology and Elite capture - Are Cooperatives Relevant today?

Final Year Economics Students (group 6)

Co-operative can still be an important, even with the increase use of technology. Co-operative can be looked at as a custodian of framing knowledge. As Tim pointed out, the benefit of scale and consolidation that is brought about by co-operative can be used as recruiting agent. This is an interesting way to think; we need more framer to ensure future food supply. It is estimated by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) that by 2050 the world population would demand 70% more food. Co-operative serves as a means of sharing knowledge gathered to improve framing techniques. Technology can help promote more membership participation. It can help draw in women and younger generation into framing. This can bring out novel ideas. Women and younger generation serves as reinforcing and adding to the processes of framing. Also, essentially this is a passing of the wealth of information to the younger generation.