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Obstacles to the Success of a Policy

Two Important Obstacles to the Success of a Policy 

(by Lal Manavado, University of Oslo, Norway)

Other things being equal, a government’s success in achieving an objective depends on the internal harmony among the components of the policy it implements to attain it, and the inter-policy harmony among all its policies.

In Figure 1, even though the inter-policy harmony obtains, disharmony within the agriculture policy is a considerable obstacle to its success.

Figure 2 shows how the success of internally harmonious agriculture policy is impeded by inter-policy disharmony. Both intra- and inter-policy disharmony may affect a policy, and result in its failure

In Figure 3, intra- and inter-policy harmony obtains, which enhances the success of our agriculture policy considerably.

The superb technical assistance of Carlo Angelico is gratefully acknowledged.