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Forum global sur la sécurité alimentaire et la nutrition • Forum FSN

Topic: Agricultural techniques

Food Security and Nutrition resources

Statistical Pocketbook | World Food and Agriculture

This pocketbook presents, at a glance, selected key indicators on agriculture and food security. It is meant to serve as an easy-to-access and quick reference for all stakeholders and partners involved in policy formulation or decision making processes. ...

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Les œufs: mettre leur énergie au service de la lutte contre la faim et la malnutrition

Dans cette discussion, organisée conjointement avec l'Alliance mondiale pour l'amélioration de la nutrition (GAIN), nous examinons le rôle que les œufs peuvent jouer pour lutter efficacement contre la malnutrition.

Quels sont les meilleurs mécanismes de production? Comment encourager la consommation d'oeufs de manière durable? Comment concilier les intérêts d’une meilleure nutrition et les préoccupations des petits exploitants?

Outputs of discussions and consultations

Eradicating extreme poverty: What is the role of agriculture?

This document summarizes the online discussion Eradicating extreme poverty: What is the role of agriculture? which was held on the FAO Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) from 3 to 24 April 2018. The discussion was facilitated by Ana Paula de la O Campos and Maya Takagi of...

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Food Security and Nutrition resources

Livestock and agroecology

his brief reviews opportunities and challenges related to livestock’s potential to contribute to agroecological transition, focusing on four main themes, which rely on different elements of agroecology: supporting better livelihoods and creating added value; conserving and using diversity;...

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