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 Les forêts et les arbres apportent un bénéfice à la sécurité alimentaire et à la nutrition - qu'en pensez-vous?

Les forêts et les arbres apportent un bénéfice à la sécurité alimentaire et à la nutrition - qu'en pensez-vous?

Les forêts, les arbres dans les exploitations et les systèmes agroforestiers contribuent à la sécurité alimentaire, à la nutrition et aux moyens d’existence de maintes façons, y compris comme source directe d’aliments, de combustible, d’emplois et de revenus en espèces.

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FSN Forum Brief - Forests and trees provide benefits for food security and nutrition – what is your say?

Brief based on the online discussion, held from 4 to 26 February 2013, facilitated by FAO’s Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) with FAO’s  Forestry Department in the context of the International Conference on Forests for Food Security and Nutrition.

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Advancing Agroforestry on the Policy Agenda - A guide for decision-makers

These guidelines are aimed primarily at all those involved in making policies at national and regional levels, such as decision-makers, civil servants and key policy advisors. Their function is to support increased recognition of agroforestry benefits, facilitate the development of policies promoting agroforestry systems and educate those that constrain agroforestry at the national level.
The guidelines present a set of principles rather than prescribed methods. They advise how to integrate agroforestry into policies, particularly helping countries to formulate policies for their specific conditions. They provide examples of good practices and success stories, as well as lessons learned from challenges and failures.

They are designed as an entry point for policy creation or change. In cases where agroforestry policy is completely absent, they can assist in creating awareness of agroforestry systems and show how, through innovative policy design taking trees, crops and animal production into account, policy issues can be addressed. In other cases, where agroforestry is recognized in policy frameworks, the guidelines can assist in improving the economic, social and policy context, so that incentives for practising agroforestry are strengthened.