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Abbas Khaled Algeria INRA Algérie
I am currently working on:

- agricultue/livestock association for sustainable developpement in semi-arid algerian zones - land use improvement by forage and legume covers - agricultural units incoms improvement strategys (product quality...) - new technologies farm integration i

Abdelaziz Abdelfattah Hashim Sudan Agricultural Research Corporation
Ayman Batisha Egypt World_Environment_WE
Andi Wahyuni Baso Indonesia IFC
I am currently working on:

I am working for Agribusiness project IFC Indonesia.
I am working to support the project in which is designed to address gender issue by developing gender responsive program and integrated into coffe supply chain program. The project is working in collaboration with private sector.

Pradip Kumar Nath India National Institute Of Rural Development
Ali Abdul Husain Saleh Syrian Arab Republic UNICEF
Anabela Zacarias Mozambique agricultural research
Andrew Tomkins United Kingdom Institute of Child Health,London UK
I am currently working on:

Nutrition and Food Security in HIV affected populations in Africa