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Mr. Doulhousn Mohamed Morocco I A V Hassan II Complexe Horticole d'Agadir
I am currently working on:

Laboratoire des analyses sol-plant-eau- substrat

Mme Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie République-Unie de Tanzanie Ikra Educational Training Centre (IETC) Tanzania
I am currently working on:

Women and the Water-Food-Energy Nexus

Mme Dominique Senn Switzerland foodwaste.ch
Mme Marion Hammerl Germany Lake Constance Foundation
I am currently working on:

Increase of biodiversity protection /Performance in the agricultural sector /Food sector. Special focus on biodiversity criteria in Standards and Labels for the Food sector - specially conventional agricultural production.

Dr Alison Blay-Palmer Canada Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems
Mr. Peter Stevenson United Kingdom Compassion in World Farming
I am currently working on:

detrimental impact of industrial livestock production on health, natural resources and animal welfare

Dr Crispim Moreira Bolivie (État plurinational de) FAO
Mme Marly Winckler Brazil Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira SVB
I am currently working on:

As the President of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society - SVB.

Mme Snezana Jovicic Serbie Faculty of Science
Mr. Leonardo Novo Brazil Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply
I am currently working on:

Animal Welfare Comission: Animal Welfare Issues, Promotion of Best Pratice on livestock production, capacity building of animal welfare issues.