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Coumba Dieng Italy FAO
Costas Apostolides Cyprus EMS Economic management Ltd
I am currently working on:

I am an agricultural planner with expertise on capacity building.

Cosmas Ochieng United Kingdom Lancaster University
I am currently working on:

Food, Agriculture and Climate Change; Ecosystems and Sustainable Development

Issaka OUEDRAOGO Burkina Faso
I am currently working on:

Sécurité alimentaire et Malnutrition au Burkina Faso

Salvatore Farfaglia Italy Istituto Agronomico per l'Oltremare (IAO)
I am currently working on:

Espert in Food Security and Human Development, actually working on survey about the influence of the italian cooperation (governamental and no) on the rural development and agriculture.
My interest is mainly focused on the correlation between Education and Food security for rural people,Access to markets for poor people and small farmers / producers through micro-credit.
Other field of interest is the application of the Capability approach (proposed by Prof.A.Sen) to the gender , with a special focus on the Participation and Agency aspects of the framework.

Corrado fogher Italy Università Cattolica
I am currently working on:

Biofuel production from energetic tobacco

CARLA CORONA Italy University
Corneliu MATEESCU Romania Romanian Academy – Ministerial National Commission on Biotechnology (NCB)
I am currently working on:

Corneliu MATEESCU Ph.D., B.Sc.biol., B.Agr.Sc., B.Sc.Ed. (Senior Researcher) Institute of Oncology (IOB) – Bucharest , Romania
Ministerial National Commission on Biotechnology (NCB)
Romanian Academy – Commission on Comparative Medicine

Corneliu Mateescu - is double degree graduated and gained two qualifications. He studied agriculture at the University of Craiova and biology at the University of Bucharest Romania. In 2002 he joined the National Research Program for Biotechnology as Director of Genomics Department and – later on 2003 – Ministerial Commission for Research Strategies in Biotechnology.
Corneliu Mateescu holds a chair at Bioterra University from Bucharest - Faculty of Expertise and Food Control - and in 2006 published in Romania the first volume of “Handbook of Food Safety”.
He is member of Italian Enogastronomic Academy from Diano Marina . The president of Academy named him as official person in charge for the collaboration between Italy and Romania for traditional food products
From 2009 is Vice-president of organic food “BIO-ROMANIA” and from 2010 President of Romanian Interprofessional Association of Organic Agriculture. Recently is president of Technical Commission for Food Safety of National Centre for Comparative Tests. He was consulted by IFOAM and sends his opinion about “IFOAM Standard for Organic Production and Processing” version 2010 – Draft version 0.1.

Cordelia Salter Italy Committee for World Food Security (CFS)