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Ms. Gemma Todd République-Unie de Tanzanie Tanzania House of Hope En ce moment je travaille sur:

Tanzania is a local NGO based in Mwanza, Tanzania. We work with older people in communities to ensure they remain active agents within their communities and provide sustainable means to meet their needs and ensure their rights. We are currently working with one of our older people groups - Neema Group, based in Bwiru - of which are organising a eco-urban farm in the area as a means of income-generation and food security. The group are a step in promoting not only older peoples activities on the public agenda but also promoting the use of sustainable development methods through our eco-urban farming approach. We are planning to build a community centre within Bwiru of which we will use to continue to host our group meetings, hold events to provide key information for older people, and also enable access to a local shop of which can assist in selling our older peoples free-range farm products. Our community centre is being built with the environment in mind, adapting to the natural environment, using natural resources, and minimising environmental impact through various recycling methods - such as solar lighting and rain collection. Older people are in need of health, food, income, and environmental sustainability.